We are film makers of the age old story and really enjoy what we do. We love being around happy people enjoying happy times so when we are invited to be in the midst of a celebration of Love, we are pumped, and we celebrate it with you (we just do it with cameras instead of champagne).
Our aim with every film is to create something as special and unique as your unique love. We’d love to be at your wedding day if you have room for us!
La Lune is a new name and a brand new studio, but we are not new. La Lune is the next evolution of Afterglow Wedding Films which has linked arms with the Super 8mm specialists Eternity Films who rock the Super 8 cam for us. We wanted to offer you both powerfully cinematic HD as well as the vintage beauty of 8mm film under the same roof, and from the specialists in each, so this is La Lune.



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Can I request a custom package?

You sure can! We can change, or totally customize a package for you, just by telling us what you want.

Will you be in all my photographer’s shots and have a big lens in my face all day?

No way Hosea. Apart from not wanting to turn your wedding day into a hollywood production, our style depends on us being invisible. All of our operators have been trained with ninja like stealth before receiving their La Lune camera strap.

Are you available overseas or interstate?

Yes we sure are. We travel regularly and love meeting our couples from long distances.
It’s always special.

Some of your films involve spoken words and others only music? Can we choose which we want?

Yes you can. Both work very well so it is up to you which you prefer. Often we can guide you on this if you are unsure about which will work for your wedding.

We are from overseas. Is it a problem if we can’t meet in person?

Not at all. We discuss and book many of our packages completely over phone, email, or skype. When we have the chance we love meeting you in person to have a chat, but this is not a necessity and if we can’t make it happen then Ehhh...donworryaboudit!



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Short but super sweet! This is a great way to cover your day without meeting with a loan shark first. Coverage includes pre-ceremony action, the ceremony itself, post ceremony action and also 2hrs of your post ceremony location photos with your photographer.

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Our most popular package along with the Silverscreen, this package covers your day in more detail extending to the reception and also with the addition of a 2nd operator for your ceremony. You will also receive your film online in full HD to share with friends. This film helps you get a real feel for you day.

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Firing on all cylinders now the Silverscreen is a start to finish 2 camera package which includes both Bride and Groom morning preparations, both music and full length edits of your ceremony, a separate 5min highlight edit of the full day to share online, stop motion, and Reception coverage until your departure. This film can also be coupled with Super 8 film which adds an amazing dimension to your final film..

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Nothing matches real Super 8 film for vintage value. Seeing your wedding in 8mm film is like looking back on it in 30 years time, only without the wait. The nostalgia and warmth of real Super 8 film camera, using real Kodak film stock, is unmatched. The grainy blacks and glowing highlights are something that cannot be replicated in our opinion. You have to have the real thing.

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Cover your day in a kooky way! This is a discipline of filmmaking that is becoming increasing popular in music video. The frame by frame effect creates a feel that has to be seen to be understood, and it gives us the ability to do some pretty funny stuff with your decorations.

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